Houston will be home to the country’s first Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon, a new concept that focuses on small bite-sized treats that feature an array of toppings. Officially opening on November 23 in the Willowbook Mall, the Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon will serve as the first test location for the new concept.

The centerpiece of the Shop’s menu is its Flight of Bites, bite-sized cinnamon rolls topped a variety of ways. S’mores, Wild Berry, Birthday Cake with Sprinkles, and Maple Bacon are a few of the flavors that will debut. Other new menu items are red velvet Whoopie Pies made with Cinnabon signature cream cheese frosting and savory cheese rolls with Cheddar cheese enfolded and melted into Cinnabon signature fresh warm dough.

In addition to the novel tiny treats, Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon presents a sleek, modern appearance, features newly designed packaging, and a contemporary product display all intended to appeal to highly sought Millennials and Gen Y. 

“Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon plays off the notion that the next big thing in indulgence is small,” says Kristen Hartman, vice president of marketing for Cinnabon. “Today’s consumers are all about bite-sized treats and sharing. They are looking to explore new ideas and share what they’ve discovered with friends. We present the very best tiny treats with a variety of flavors that offer something for everyone.”

This first Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon is operated by local franchisee, Jason Piltzmaker, who has been with Cinnabon since 2009 and owns five bakeries in the Houston market.

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