AdvancePierre Foods, a supplier of value-added protein and handheld convenience products, has introduced a new line of breakfast sandwiches called Fast Bites for convenience stores. The new product line is value-priced for consumers to help drive in-store morning traffic and increase store sales.

The five Fast Bites sandwiches include a Sausage Biscuit, Sausage Sandwich on a bun, Sausage and Cheese Sandwich on a bun, Breaded Chicken Biscuit, and Spicy Breaded Chicken Biscuit.

Fast Bites value pricing is a 2 for $2 deal or offered as part of a combo meal deal. The attention-grabbing, hand-wrapped paper packaging appeals to consumers with its fresh-made appearance. To further increase sales potential, the breakfast sandwiches can be served either hot in a sandwich warmer or merchandised cold, to be heated on demand.

Made with savory pork sausage, Southern-style and spicy breaded chicken, fresh biscuits, and hearth-baked yeast rolls, AdvancePierre Foods' sandwiches provide convenience retailers a quick, mouth-watering and protein-filled breakfast option for their customers.

"Market research has shown that '2-for' deals, meal bundling, and value-menu promotions can drive breakfast traffic and increase total sales," says Tony Schroder, president of convenience markets at AdvancePierre Foods. "The Fast Bites breakfast sandwiches are an easy-to-merchandise and easy-to-sell option."


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