Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc., the first national fast food chain in the U.S. to announce the elimination of trans fat oils in french fries from supplier to restaurant, has completed the roll out of zero grams trans fat cooking oil in all of its restaurants nationwide. Arby’s now uses non-hydrogenated corn oil instead of partially hydrogenated corn oil.

Arby’s famous curly fries (small and medium servings) now contain zero grams of trans fat. In addition, over 70 percent of Arby’s required menu items contain 0.5 grams or less of trans fatty acids (TFA). For a complete list of nutritional information, please visit

Nutritional Information Overview

Menu Item | Original TFAs | NewTFAs

3-Pack Chicken Tenders | 2 | 0
5-Pack Chicken Tenders | 3 | 0
Small Curly Fries | 3 | 0
Medium Curly Fries | 4 | 0
Large Curly Fries | 6 | 1

Arby’s follows FDA guidelines for rounding amounts of TFA including rounding down TFA amounts less than 0.5 grams to zero.

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