In a message to franchisees yesterday, Burger King CEO Brad Blum announced that the chain would no longer offer Frozen Coke in its product mix. Though there is no stated connection, the decision comes shortly after Coca-Cola admitted manipulating the results of a promotion involving Frozen Coke in Burger King restaurants.

Blum’s message was short and to the point:

“I just wanted to inform you, after careful analysis, Burger King Corporation has determined that the Frozen Carbonated beverage products
are not strategically relevant to the long-term vision for the Burger King brand.

“Despite best efforts, the performance of these products has been
disappointing. This has led us to make a decision to begin phasing out
Frozen Coke and other frozen carbonated beverages in our U.S.
restaurants. You will receive more specific instructions soon via voice-

Amid reports that Pepsi will undertake a major strategic initiative to wrest restaurant market share away from Coke, industry insiders have suggested BK as a prime target in the wake of the Frozen Coke debacle.

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