Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, a Denver-based fast-casual restaurant concept featuring fresh and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, announced that Bob Bafundo, who has led company and franchise operations for the last five years, was appointed to the position of president. The news comes upon the departure of CEO Alon Mor on December 10.

Bafundo joined the company in 2009 and has played a significant role in Garbanzo’s growth in Colorado, as well as in building a solid franchise organization. Bafundo has more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of quick-service and fast-casual restaurant management and has served in senior leadership positions with companies including Rax Restaurants, KFC, and Back Yard Burgers. In his new role, Bafundo will continue to drive growth in Colorado and franchise markets.

In addition, the company announced that Michael Staenberg, president of The Staenberg Group, was appointed chairman of the board of directors. Staenberg joined the Garbanzo board of directors in April 2014. Staenberg has spent more than 35 years in the commercial real estate industry, successfully developing 150 retail shopping centers in more than 25 states. In 2012, he founded The Staenberg Group, dedicated to building premiere properties designed for long-term ownership and management.

“Bob has played a significant role in building a solid operational base and growing the company,” Staenberg says. “The board was pleased to unanimously elect Bob to lead the company in the next phase. Bob is a dynamic leader with the experience and vision needed for growing the brand long-term.”

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