Bob Evans Restaurants has taken the quality of its guests’ experience to a whole new level with the recent implementation of a new online ordering tool.

As Bob Evans Restaurants quickly discovered, online ordering can do wonders for a restaurant brand. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) recently released information showing that online sales and carry-out account for 58 percent of total restaurant traffic, as online ordering fulfills consumers’ ever increasing need for convenience. The NRA also found that 40 percent of adults agree that utilizing convenient dinner solutions, such as Bob Evans Family Meals To Go, and ordering online allows them to be more productive on a day-to-day basis.

When placing carry-out orders online, guests can choose from more than 275 menu items before pick-up at any of the 569 Bob Evans locations. Bob Evans stands out from the crowd as one of the few chains nationwide to offer online ordering for breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner. One menu item in particular, The Rise & Shine breakfast, is still available in all 89 varieties with online ordering as it is in the restaurant.

“We’re proud to be able to offer our guests the opportunity to bring home all of the farm-fresh goodness that we offer in our restaurants,” says Randy Hicks, president and chief concept officer of Bob Evans. “There is no selective or abridged version of the menu.”

Bob Evans’ new online ordering system also features a group ordering option, which is great for executive meetings or team dinners. A host can invite each diner to order for himself or herself via e-mail, to ensure accuracy and convenience, and can even set a budget (if so desired). This allows for a fast and simple ordering experience that is still sure to satisfy every member of the group.

“The fact that we’re a company-owned brand helped us implement this platform system-wide especially quickly,” Hicks says. “We had all 569 restaurants up and running in just over two months.”

Bob Evans online ordering is also available via iPhone and Droid mobile applications, making it easy to preorder Bob Evans for breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever consumers are away from a computer.

Bob Evans will expand its online ordering starting Nov. 4, when its Farmhouse Feast will be available on the online menu. With the Farmhouse Feast, Bob Evans does the cooking for a complete Thanksgiving or holiday meal (which serves 6-8 for just $74.99) and prepares it for pick-up the night before a family’s big gathering. Bob Evans online ordering allows the host to choose the date and time most convenient (with 24 hours’ notice) to pick up the meal.

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