The Grandy, Minnesota-based restaurant, The Brass Rail, was honored as the recipient of Broaster Company’s Golden Chicken Award for Operator Excellence in a celebration at the restaurant on August 30, 2017. The restaurant received the recognition for its history of commitment to the Grandy community, as well as their legacy of serving Genuine Broaster Chicken.

“Careful consideration goes into presenting the Golden Chicken Award because we take such pride in all of our operators. Deciding on a recipient is not easy,” says Jay Cipra, President/CEO of Broaster Company. “The Brass Rail is exemplary of our many operators who do exceedingly well and are beloved by their community.”

The Brass Rail was established in Grandy by the Biggins family and is now owned by Rod Knowles. Historically the building housed a trading post, a telephone company, a garage, and several different bars in 1926 and 1939 before becoming the establishment it is today. Since 1972 Genuine Broaster Chicken has been sold at the Brass Rail, which has led the restaurant to being recently named the ‘Best Chicken in Minnesota’ by CBS Minnesota. The Brass Rail serves over 112,000 pieces of chicken a week in their small town. To cook this massive amount of chicken, the Brass Rail employs 9 Broaster 1800 Pressure Fryers, and another 4 Broaster 1800 Pressure Fryers in their catering trailer.

“It’s an honor for us to have Genuine Broaster Chicken served at an establishment that has such great value in their community,” says Tracy Choppi, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Equipment Innovations at Broaster Company. “They do an excellent job offering our world-class product and operating as a great destination in their community.” 

For over 60 years, Broaster Company has offered its license branded program to strengthen operators’ businesses and build their profits. The program does not require development fees, royalty payments or franchise fees, and provides all the food, equipment, national branding and marketing materials needed to help the Foodservice Operator be successful in offering world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken and delicious Broaster Express grab-and-go foods.