Breadcrumb, an easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable iPad POS system for food and beverage businesses, unveiled Breadcrumb 1.2, an upgrade to its iPod point-of-sale service.

Breadcrumb 1.2 makes daily operation faster and easier for servers, bartenders, and managers, boasting features shaped by conversations with hundreds of merchants and insights from millions of restaurant, bar, and cafe transactions.

Highlights of Breadcrumb 1.2 include:

  • Smart Swipe: Swiping a credit card automatically opens a tab in the cardholder's name, recalls an open tab, or processes payment without having to type in more information or navigate extra steps
  • Quicker PIN-based access to terminals with fewer keystrokes
  • Simpler process for complex charges: Breadcrumb makes it easy to split a balance evenly across a number of cards or across a combination of cash and cards
  • Rapid order entry, including new single-touch order modifications for customizations such as cooking temperature

"Every day, thousands of customers get their food or beverages quickly and seamlessly thanks to Breadcrumb," says Seth Harris, founder of Breadcrumb. "Each order is an opportunity for us to learn and evolve. Breadcrumb 1.2 was driven by our merchants' real-world experiences, and it offers a faster and easier dining experience for them and their customers."