Adding to its menu of fried chicken sandwiches, Bruxie now offers The Big Heat, a new spicy fried chicken sandwich available in Regular and Xtra Hot.

“My goal was to create something more than just in-your-face, one-note hotness,” commented Bruxie Executive Chef Kelly Mullarney, who is particularly excited about this new sandwich. “The Big Heat has a complex flavor profile that hits the palate with three distinct heat levels.”

As soon as Bruxie’s chicken comes out of the fryer, it’s coated with Chef Kelly’s own Spicy Red Rub—a blend of piquant pepper spices. This provides the initial heat. The next heat level is from a fresh firecracker slaw made daily with chopped onions and hot yellow chili peppers. The third level is a fiery dressing made from a combination of Louisiana-style and cayenne pepper hot sauces that provides both tanginess and spiciness.

“For those who want more, we add a fiery Sriracha mayo that takes the heat level up to Xtra Hot,” adds Chef Kelly. “By delivering three unique layers of flavorful heat, this new chicken sandwich delivers just the right balance of hot and delicious. The first bite might seem deceptively tame. Second bite, you’ll feel the heat. And by the third bite, the spicy hotness really has you hooked.”

The Big Heat is available at all Bruxie locations in California and Las Vegas for dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

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