SYDNEY, Australia, April 24 /PRNewswire/ — Burger King Corporation (BKC) today announced that it has agreed to refranchise the 55 Burger King restaurants owned and operated by BKC in Australia to Dennis Jones and his associates. Dennis Jones is the managing owner of the New Zealand franchise with 60 restaurants. The agreement also includes servicing the 21 existing Burger King franchisees, all new franchisees operating under the Burger King brand and the responsibility for growth and development of the brand in Australia. All restaurants operating under the Burger King brand name in Australia will continue to operate using the Burger King brand name.

“Dennis is an outstanding restaurateur and we are pleased to join with him in serving great Burger King products in Australia,” said John Dasburg, chairman, chief executive officer and president, Burger King Corporation.

“Dennis Jones is a successful business leader with strong management experience in the quick service restaurant, supply and distribution industries, including 25 years of experience with the Burger King brand,” said Andre Lacroix, president, Burger King International. “He is one of the most successful Burger King franchisees in the system and has exhibited consistent dedication to service excellence and growing the brand by building and leading great teams of people. Dennis and his team are ready to develop additional Burger King restaurants, which will support our brand expansion plans,” Lacroix said.

“I am fully committed to the Burger King brand,” Dennis Jones said. “I look forward to working closely with the other franchisees to continue delivering the Burger King brand at the high standards our customers have come to expect from Burger King in Australia. My organization is committed to excellence in operations and growth. We will actively pursue opportunities to increase the number of new Burger King restaurants in Australia and will work hard to attract and retain franchisees who want to grow with our brand.”

Hungry Jack’s Pty. Limited remains Burger King Corporation’s largest franchisee in Australia, operating 202 restaurants, serving the world renowned Burger King flame-broiled burgers under the Hungry Jack’s brand.

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