Burger King Corporation (BKC) today announced the formation of a new franchise operations group to support its largest franchisees as part of the company’s ongoing strategy to provide the appropriate franchisee-focused operations resources to its franchise system.

The new National Accounts Group will be led by Joe Soraci, who is being promoted to senior vice president, national accounts. Soraci has spent the past four years as a regional vice president for first the east coast, and, most recently, for the western region. In his new capacity, Soraci will be the primary point of contact for all operations-related activity in the National Accounts Group.

The National Accounts organization will include the company’s largest U.S. franchisees who operate more than 100 restaurants, those who operate a substantial number of restaurants in multiple regions, and all institutional operators. This organization consists of 16 franchisees who operate more than 25% of all U.S. BURGER KING® franchise restaurants. As a result of their size, geographic dispersion and organizational complexity, the National Account franchisees have unique needs requiring single-point, senior executive attention and accountability for operations-related issues.

Franchisees in the new National Accounts group include: AmeriKing, Carrolls, Sydran, Quality Dining, Deignan-Kauffman, Cimm’s, C&L, Nath, Westwind, AAFES, Aramark, Compass, HMS Host, Sodexho-Marriott, Veterans Canteen, and TA Operating Group.

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