The BK™ Stacker is now available in three sizes to satisfy any appetite, BK™ Double Stacker, BK™ Triple Stacker and BK™ Quad Stacker.

Two, three or four flame-broiled hamburger patties are stacked high between a sesame seed bun with equal slices of melted American cheese and up to eight slices of crispy bacon, smothered in original BK™ Stacker Sauce. The bigger the burger ordered, the more layers of bacon and cheese.

“The BK Stacker is simple and built with the very ingredients our restaurant guests love best–meat, cheese, and bacon,” said Denny Marie Post, senior vice president and chief concept officer, Burger King Corporation. “We’re satisfying the serious meat lovers by leaving off the produce and letting them decide exactly how much meat and cheese they can handle.”

The BK Stacker is a permanent addition to the menu and is now available at all participating restaurants. The BK Double Stacker sandwich is available at a suggested price of $2.49, the BK Triple Stacker at $3.29 and the BK Quad Stacker at $3.99.

Large format posters promoting BK™ Stackers will adorn several construction sites in major cities throughout the country. In addition, 2.5-inch collectible figurines of some of the most memorable characters from the BK Stackers television ads can be purchased online at Fans can purchase a set of three figurines, including Vin the Foreman, the Kid, and the Cheese Welder for $13.99 plus tax and shipping. More information will be made available via direct response TV ads which air on cable network programming beginning Monday, July 10.

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