Now customers can see the nutritional value of the meal they order at Burgerville through a new program that the restaurant chain is bringing to all of its 39 locations in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Burgerville is the first burger restaurant chain to introduce the Nutricate program, a nutritional education and enhanced marketing solution from SmartReceipt, Inc.

This program, first piloted at Burgerville’s restaurant on Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard in Portland, Oregon, is the latest initiative that the restaurant chain is taking to help their guests make healthy food choices. Nutritional information, including calorie, fiber, fat, and carbohydrate counts, is prominently featured on the front of all receipts.

“We want our guests to know exactly what they are getting when they order from us,” says Jeff Harvey, Burgerville president and CEO. “That way guests can take control of their food choices and make sure that they feel satisfied and empowered when they eat at Burgerville. The Nutricate program offers a very clear view into how each meal fits into our overall eating habits.”

The nutrition data reflects customized orders from guests, such as no tartar sauce on a halibut sandwich or extra dressing on a salad. The receipts feature a helpful hint, such as “If you are trying to eat healthier, try ‘holding the chipotle mayo’ on your sandwich and save 180 calories and 18g of fat.” Coupons that can be used on future visits to Burgerville are also included.

“Burgerville’s implementation of Nutricate throughout their chain proves that they want their guests to be active participants in their interactions,” says Jay Ferro, founder and CEO of SmartReceipt, Inc. “Through the success of their pilot program, Burgerville provided us with great feedback from their guests, which we have incorporated into their Nutricate program.”

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