For a limited time, Cafe Rio has added the traditional Mexican dish Beef Birria to their menu. The elaborate cooking method includes slowly simmering select beef cuts with mild guajillo and arbol chiles. Hand selected tomatoes, garlic, and onions round out the abundant depth of flavors in the hours long cooking process. Once the beef has reached perfect tenderness, it is ready to be added to tacos (or burritos or quesadillas) and served with savory consommé for indulgent dipping.

The story of Cafe Rio’s recipe development comes to life in their advertising campaign that features the Cafe Rio Birria Aficionado, Antuan Morales. Morales was born in Torreón, Mexico where he grew up on a ranch with a large family, crafting Mexican meals. Traditional Mexican cooking styles were a staple for the Morales family, and sharing meals was core to their ranching life in Mexico. Cooking and family are deeply intertwined, and Morales pairs his passion for both with his in-depth knowledge of birria to craft this new limited time offering.

“Our Birria tacos are unbelievable. We slow cook the beef with onions, garlic, and fresh spices,” shares Morales, “And a great tortilla makes a big difference with Birria. At Cafe Rio, we are known for our tortillas. They’re fresh every day and cooked on a traditional comal,” Morales continues, “Pair that tortilla with the slow-cooked Birria and flavorful consommé and it’s just fantastic.”

This new offering was tested last spring in select Nevada and Arizona markets, where customers raved about the unique product and delicious flavor.

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