Capriotti’s has recently opened a new location at Las Vegas Ballpark. The new Capriotti’s location is located along the first baseline in Section 107 and serves hungry Aviators fans the brand’s famous Thanksgiving sandwich, the Bobbie, along with warm cheesesteaks grilled-to-order.

The Ballpark location, owned by Capriotti’s, Inc., has gained instant popularity among attendees and has quickly become the top performing food vendor in the stadium. Along with the Bobbie and cheesesteaks, the location also serves a selection of premium craft beers, chips and homemade cookies. The Capriotti’s location is open for all Aviators home games, along with special events, concerts and other scheduled sporting events.

“We have been blown away by the initial success of our Las Vegas Ballpark location,” says Ashley Morris, CEO of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop. “Fans have been responding well to our unique offerings compared to other ballpark menu items, and are drawn in by the aroma of our grilling steak, onions and peppers which you can smell across the stadium. We are currently selling several hundreds of sandwiches each game, and are excited to see the continued popularity of this location as the baseball season progresses.”

Capriotti’s opened two new restaurants in Q1 of 2019, and plans to open four in Q2. The sandwich shop has several additional non-traditional locations, including the Green Valley Ranch Casino, Railroad Pass Travel Center, and the RJC Courthouse, and is targeting both traditional and non-traditional locations nationwide for additional growth.

“The successful launch and rave reviews of our Las Vegas Ballpark location have been a source of pride and community wide recognition for our brand,” adds David Bloom, chief development officer. “Opening and operating non-traditional locations are always unique, fun projects for our team and we look forward to serving our fans Capriotti’s wherever they may be.”

With the top 25 percent of shops averaging $1.1 million average unit volume and an initial average investment of $376,000 with high growth potential, Capriotti’s is a profitable and rewarding franchise investment. The brand is backed by a corporate leadership team that offers a continuous support program for franchisees, called CAPMastery. This online and field program provides significant support to franchisees for marketing, retail sales, operations and growth strategies through every stage of their ownership. Looking ahead, Capriotti’s focus will be to continue being an extraordinary franchise, whose franchise partners earn exceptional returns by selling the best tasting, highest quality food.

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