The Portobello
Mushroom Six Dollar Burger returned to the Carl’s Jr. menu yesterday.
First introduced in 2005, the award-winning Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar
Burger became a customer favorite and set the standard for fine-dining
taste at a quick-serve price.

“The Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger was the most popular
limited-time addition to the Six Dollar Burger line at Carl’s Jr. when
it was introduced two years ago,” says Brad Haley, executive vice president
of marketing for Carl’s Jr. restaurants. “It was, and still is, the only
fast-food burger topped with premium-quality Portobello mushrooms. So, when
we heard over and over from our guests that they wanted the Portobello
Mushroom Six Dollar Burger back at Carl’s Jr., we listened.”

During its initial appearance on the Carl’s Jr. menu, The Portobello
Mushroom Six Dollar Burger won the product award for excellence from
Produce Business Magazine, and was among a handful of menu items profiled
by USA Today for a trend story on fast-food going gourmet.

“Our original Six Dollar Burger was so named because it had the quality
and taste of burgers that could only be found at sit-down restaurants,
which cost six dollars or more, but it sold for about four dollars,” adds
Haley. “The initial success of that single burger led to the line of six,
Six Dollar Burgers we have today, plus several limited-time additions like
the unique Portobello Six Dollar Burger.”
The addition to the popular Six Dollar Burger line features
high-quality Portobello mushrooms sliced and sauteed with garlic and
parsley. The five-star mushroom sauce tops a charbroiled, 100 percent
Angus beef patty complemented by melted Swiss cheese, sliced red onions,
juicy tomato, and crisp lettuce on a seeded bun.
The Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger will sell for $4.89 at
participating restaurants–or $6.89 as part of a combo meal. In addition,
customers can add Portobello mushroom sauce to any burger for 99 cents.

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