Carl’s Jr. is challenging their Twitter followers to decode a series of tweets for the chance to win a Slider Hider fanny pack, the ultimate Sliders on the Sly swag. The Carl’s Jr. Slider Hider Fanny Pack is perfect for sneaking Sliders wherever you go.

The Sliders start at $1.25 each/ $1.75 for a double and are available at Carl’s Jr. locations now.

  • Beginning Friday at 2 pm (eastern), Carl’s Jr. will begin blasting a series of coded tweets.
  • There will be a total of 10 coded tweets (and 10 winners) over the course of the next two days.
  • For each code, the first follower to quote-tweet with the decoded message will win a #SliderHider fanny pack (a fanny pack that perfectly fits Carl’s Jr.’s new Charbroiled Sliders) along with a gift card.
  • On July 27, Carl’s Jr. will announce the winners and the decoded phrases.
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