CAVA is rolling out a new Pita in partnership with Damascus Bakery.

On August 2, CAVA is doubling down on the sandwich, wrap and burrito category with the launch of its new Pita to further expand on the brand’s mission of bringing even more customizable options to guests and sourcing the highest-quality ingredients.

Pita has been a staple in Mediterranean food and culture for centuries, one that CAVA’s co-founders grew up eating in a multitude of ways – from an on-the-go snack to a flavorful wrap. After roughly a dozen iterations to determine the right size, weight and density, Damascus developed the new Pita exclusively for CAVA, made with a blend of freshly-milled flour and sprouted grains using all clean label ingredients.

The revamped Pita is larger (8 ½in  x 9 ½ in), fitting up to eight toppings in a wrap and offered as a side add-on when ordering a bowl.

To create the light, pillowy texture of the new Pita, the dough is mixed gradually so as to not break down the fermentation, similar to artisanal home baking techniques.

To build on CAVA’s chef-curated bowl options, the brand will also launch chef-curated pitas this fall, so guests can easily try a curated recipe before customizing on their own.

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