Champion Industries, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial ware-washing systems, is proud to showcase its newest innovation, EnviroPure Commercial Food Waste Solution System, in the “What’s Hot! What’s Cool! New Product Gallery”at The NAFEM Show.

The show takes place February 7–9 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Food waste is the single largest component of solid waste entering landfills. EnviroPure was chosen to showcase in the NAFEM new product pavilion because it removes food from landfills while consuming less energy and resources than traditional disposal methods. 

Champion’s EnviroPure system turns organic waste into wastewater that not only meets wastewater discharge standards, but is also 10 times cleaner than any wastewater discharge standard in North America.

Dirk Maat, CEO of Maat Environmental Engineering, says, "Onsite treatment of food waste is the most environmentally friendly approach there is. In my 40 years of experience in the wastewater business, I've never seen a unit that works more efficiently than the EnviroPure unit does. It takes solid organic waste and produces a crystal-clear water affluent with no solids."

Its exceptional performance not only makes EnviroPure waste disposers a smart choice in both price and performance, but also the greener choice for today's commercial kitchens. 

"It’s going to be a huge game changer in the way people look at food waste,” says Nicole O'Rourke, Foodservice Energy Program Advisor at Southern California Gas. 

What's more, the return on investment happens very quickly. 

Russ Meyer, associate director for housing operations and dining services at the University of Nevada, Reno, says, "We estimate that the unit will pay for itself in two or three years with the avoidance of tipping costs."

EnviroPure uses a proprietary, all-natural Bio-Mix additive to break down food waste daily into safe, clean water that can be used for agricultural needs or just sent down the drain.

The system breaks down any organic materials, including bones and shells. EnviroPure Systems can be configured to treat from 120–6,000 pounds of food waste daily.

In addition to solving food-waste problems, EnviroPure greatly reduces dumpster use and the associated costs of storing and hauling food-waste materials.

Champion will be exhibiting its full line of commercial dishwashing equipment at booth No. 2004. 

Champion is so confident of EnviroPure’s performance and customer satisfaction that it will refund the purchase price and remove the system if it does not perform as guaranteed within the first 60 days. 

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