Checkers and Rally’s “You Gotta Eat(SM)” campaign, beginning January 10, showcases the chain as the meal solution for people with too much to do and too little time to do it. The $10 million-plus re-branding effort is the first creative work from MARC USA since the Florida-based double drive-thru restaurant chain appointed MARC as its agency in November.

Shot on location in New Orleans and Orlando, the 60-second and 30-second introductory spots feature a series of fast-paced, high-energy vignettes of people engaged in everything from canoeing to skateboarding to swing dancing, all while enjoying Checkers and Rally’s burgers, fries and shakes. The shots are set against a bed of hip-hop music created for Checkers and Rally’s by Crushing Music of New York. The “You Gotta Eat(SM)” campaign will launch with a proven winner for both brands, the 99-cent Double Decker, a two patty, fully dressed hamburger.

“Our unique double drive-thru concept appeals to a wide range of consumers,” said Richard Turer, vice president of marketing for Checkers and Rally’s. “We are excited and confident that the new campaign will not only be memorable but will clearly position our brands as the perfect fit for busy lifestyles.”

“Our total success is all about people,” says Daniel Dorsch, president and CEO at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. “After getting to know our employees, our franchisees and our customers, this new campaign was developed to communicate who we are and what we do.” Checkers and Rally’s buildings and service systems are unique. Dorsch continued: “Our double drive-thru lanes are built for those on the go, with time and quality as a factor. We are delivering a very high quality product at a great price. We do this by not building giant buildings with playgrounds. Our investment is in our food.”

Research continues to place Checkers and Rally’s among the top two positions for food quality, speed of service and value in their category. Dorsch further commented: “The marketing team has worked closely with our new agency and with our franchisee advisory council to develop a campaign that conveys these strengths in a fun and captivating way; one that will be of interest to consumers and make our stakeholders excited, including our employees, shareholders and franchisees.”

Turer also commented: “This advertising captures the new culture our President, Daniel Dorsch, has instituted. Our people are walking faster, talking faster, and having more fun at work—our customers are noticing the difference.” Turer, who recently presented the campaign at the company’s franchise marketing seminar held at the Innisbrook Resort in Florida, continued: “The response from our franchised community has been tremendous. We will have more markets utilizing television as the lead medium than ever before adding more energy to the campaign and to our company’s progress.” The campaign also includes print, outdoor, radio and point of purchase support, and will appear in most markets across the mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeast.

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