When you start with Chicago pizza, there is no better topping than innovation. That’s the formula the team at Chicago’s Pizza With-A-Twist has already figured out and has used to successfully open 43 stores, including 38 franchisee-owned locations.

“Pizza is loved by many people all across the United States as well as folks from many different cultures,” Chicago’s Pizza With-A-Twist founder & CEO Harpreet Dahyia says. “We create our own sauces, our vegetables are cut in-house by hand, and we add our own array of Indian and Middle-Eastern spices to a 100-percent vegan dough crust – the result is a pizza fusion unlike any that have been experienced before.”

Founded in 2014, Chicago’s Pizza With-A-Twist now operates in nine states, including California, Washington, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Virginia. There are nearly 90 in development currently, and plans call for targeted expansion into Canada.

“We are attending expos and meeting with potential franchisees across the world,” Dahyia adds. “We’re headed to the London Expo, offering master franchises. We will be looking into Indonesian markets, India, the Middle East, plus Canada.”

Chicago’s Pizza With-A-Twist also provides for Halal meat options, multiple vegetarian selections and even has a cauliflower crust option. With higher-quality ingredients, authentic Indian spices, and healthier pizza options, Chicago’s Pizza With-A-Twist has a pie for just about anyone.

“We have many customers from many different backgrounds,” Dahyia said. “People recognize that we create a higher-quality product than many other pizza options. We are listening to our patrons and we are learning. Our pizza is for everyone.”

Company plans call for 50 franchises by the end of 2019. By the end of 2020, they are aiming for 200 units sold. The cost of opening a Chicago’s Pizza With-A-Twist is between $250,000 to $300,000. One Chicago’s Pizza With-A-Twist is between 1,800-2,100 square feet on average.

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