Delphis Software, a provider of online ordering technology and centralized call center applications to the restaurant industry, announces an agreement with Atlanta-based restaurant chain Chick-fil-A(R) to implement its AROS online ordering solution in the chain’s participating restaurants.

Leveraging Delphis Software’s AROS technology, customers of participating Chick-fil-A restaurants will now have the ability to order food online for takeout and delivery directly from the individual restaurant’s website or the company’s website. Chick-fil-A anticipates that its new online ordering feature will help improve restaurant efficiency, increase productivity, eliminate transcription errors, and elevate customer satisfaction.

After a thorough evaluation and long test phase of the AROS system, Delphis Software was selected as the preferred online ordering solution for Chick-fil-A, Inc. In addition, AROS provides Chick-fil-A with the tools to provide each local restaurant Operator the ability to advertise and market directly to their geographic customer base. Online ordering and AROS’ advertising and marketing capability will offer Chick-fil-A an important and wide-ranging tool for its operations.

Delphis Software is the only online ordering company that meets or exceeds the CISP/PCI standards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. These standards were developed to establish security with regards to the protection of customer data. Such standards independently validate AROS as safe and secure from a systems standpoint, as well as Delphis Software’s business practices and procedures. Additionally, Delphis Software is the only industry vendor that employs two network operations centers, which affords redundancy and ensures uninterrupted service.

“Delphis Software is on the cutting-edge of the online ordering industry,” said Jonathan Johnson, of Chick-fil-A Sales Innovations. “Chick-fil-A is committed to finding innovative ways to increase customer satisfaction and efficiencies for our restaurant Operators and Delphis Software’s fantastic team of engineers and management is a great asset to our company.”

“We are excited to welcome Chick-fil-A to our growing family of restaurants,” said Neil Higgins, Vice President of Delphis Software. “They lead the QSR industry with their commitment to customer service, community involvement and employee satisfaction, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with them.”

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