For 67 years, Church’s Chicken employees and guests have been creating their favorite Church’s menu items, via word-of-mouth and social media. On Tuesday, September 10th, Church’s encouraged its fans to find some of these delicious “secret menu hacks” by participating in a new digital scavenger hunt located on Clues were shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to help fans uncover these underground “product mash-ups” hidden on the Church’s website. The first person to locate the secret menu hidden inside the website will win a year’s supply* of Church’s Chicken.

“At Church’s, we’re always looking for fun ways to engage with our guests, whether it’s asking them to help us name a new product, suggesting new flavor combinations, or rewarding them for being longtime loyal fans,” says Alan Magee, Vice President of Digital Marketing & Technology. “This is the ultimate form of crowdsourcing,” added Magee. “By tapping into the creativity of our guests, new menu hack ideas will continue to be added to our now not-so-secret, secret menu.”

Wunderman Thompson, iStrategylabs, and Ink Link Marketing developed the digital scavenger hunt for Church’s Chicken. The secret menu hacks were compiled from restaurant team members plus Church’s guest submissions. The menu hacks range from the original Jalapeño Squeeze, which adds an extra-spicy kick to Church’s signature, hand-battered chicken, dating all the way back to 1952, to the more recent Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits, topped with sweet white apple pie icing, which were made available exclusively for home delivery earlier this year. 

The winner of the digital scavenger hunt will be announced on social media, along with details on how Church’s super fans can create the secret menu hacks at their nearest U.S. restaurant. Pricing and availability may vary by location. Items will not appear on any menu boards and should not be requested from Church’s cashiers and team members when ordering. Guests are also encouraged to submit their favorite secret menu hack to the brand.

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