Church’s Chicken has announced the return of Texas Chicken, which it claims is one of the most successful products ever introduced in Church’s restaurants. Texas Chicken is a non-battered, bone-in chicken product that is pre-marinated and coated with a signature blend of seasonings and spices, intended to give a char-grilled flavor reminiscent of Texas-style barbeque.

Texas Chicken was originally introduced last May as a limited-time-only product. The company says sales were so strong that it is being re-introduced to the menu and will be available throughout October.

“Texas Chicken has proven to be a big hit with our current customers and is bringing in lots of new customers too,” said Melinda Ennis-Roughton, chief marketing officer of Church’s, in a statement. “People crave it because of its distinctive flavor, but the fact that it’s low carb is a big plus.”

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