CiCi’s Pizza is cheering on the American women in tonight’s 10-meter platform diving competition, offering a free Pepperoni Flip when an American diver flips their way to an overall perfect 10 in the finals of the 10-meter platform competition.

The men’s and women’s final event airs on two nights, customers hoping to score a flip must tune in tonight, August 21, for the women’s finals and August 23 for the men’s finals. During the final competition of the 10-meter platform event, if a U.S. diver receives a perfect 10 as an overall score–a rating that needs to be awarded by all the judges, Americans can visit their local CiCi’s to get their free Flip on Monday, August 25, between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m.

CiCi’s introduced the new Pepperoni Flip for $3.99 to guests earlier this year, it is similar to a calzone, filled with fresh pepperoni and a zesty combination of spices, parmesan, and Romano cheese.

“The Olympics provide a gold-medal opportunity to introduce our flip to the rest of America,” says Craig Moore, president and CEO of CiCi’s Pizza. “U.S. divers were shut out of a medal in the 2004 Olympics, so we are cheering for the home team.”

Diving enthusiasts predict that this will be an interesting event for Olympic viewers. The U.S. also has a strong contingent with David Boudia and Thomas Finchum, synchronized partners who will also make a splash with their performance in the individual 10-meter platform event. Nineteen year old, Boudia wrote his name in the history books when six out the seven judges gave him a perfect 10 during the trials. The men’s finals will be held August 23.

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