The heart of every City Barbeque joint is its pitmaster, a teammate trained in every element of the art of barbeque. Selecting the perfect brisket, loading the smoker with the best local hickory, or keeping an eye on the all-important time and temp … a City BBQ pitmaster has to stay on top of all of it. And starting today, folks can get a taste of what that life is like by playing Pitmaster (, a new digital game from the teams at City Barbeque and Decise. 

The goal is to smoke as much meat as possible to feed as many folks as you can. You can choose from pork, sausage, ribs, and bone-in chicken: Each meat needs a different amount of time on the smoker and can feed a different number of people. You’ll play as a pitmaster—loading meats on the smoker, keeping the smoker temp stable, and pulling off that slow-smoked barbeque when it’s perfectly done. Points are awarded based on how many folks you can feed in one minute: Will you be an apprentice, a pit boss, or a full-blown pitmaster? 

“Our pitmasters have spent years honing their craft,” says Annica Conrad, chief brand officer for City Barbeque. “This game is an incredible way to honor the work they do—and to see how much fun we can have ‘slow’-smoking barbeque in the span of a minute!” 

“City Barbeque’s dedication to providing authentic barbeque experiences is truly inspiring. We’re delighted to have been a part of their journey in creating the Pitmaster game, where players can step into the shoes of City Barbeque’s talented pitmasters,” says Kyle Pott, senior managing partner at Decise. “Be careful, though: The pitmaster job isn’t easy, and your mouth will be watering just thinking about that delicious barbeque!”

Pitmaster will be available through November 30, 2023, with new rewards for each level dropping each week. All rewards are in the form of City Rewards offers and are valid for one week, so you’ll have time to use them before you play again to earn the next week’s offer. Not a member of City Rewards? Join now so your account is ready to receive your hard-earned rewards. 

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