City Barbeque is known for its award-winning smoked meats and scratch-made sides, and fans know the restaurant offers a wide range of healthy options suited to any diet. To provide its guests with even more nutritious choices, City Barbeque is serving up three new limited-time-only items: Superfood Slaw, Brisket Chili, and Gumbo.

Available at participating locations, City Barbeque’s house-made Superfood Slaw features superfood greens, farro, fresh herbs, chopped veggies, and dried cranberries in a citrus vinaigrette. Guests can get a nutrient-packed, 170-calorie side of Superfood Slaw for $2.79, or even pick up a pint ($7.29) or quart ($11.99) to help kick-start any meal-prep resolutions.

“We’ve got a great collection of protein-rich, wholesome, nutritious, and soul-satisfying foods,” says Brian Hipsher, VP of Marketing at City Barbeque. “Our lineup of new sides brings back a few fan favorites—and, in my opinion, our new Superfood Slaw is our best yet.”

City Barbeque is also bringing back two of the joint’s most-requested items. Available at all City Barbeque locations, Brisket Chili features the restaurant’s national award–winning beef brisket, black beans, green chilies, and jalapeños. Packed with protein and topped with sharp cheddar, sour cream, and fresh jalapeño, it’s only 190 calories by the cup ($3.49) and 310 by the bowl ($5.99).

A longstanding seasonal favorite, Gumbo will be available at select City Barbeque locations. The joint’s classic pulled pork, special-recipe sausage, and smoked turkey are served with veggies over brown rice for a meal that’s 185 calories by the cup ($2.79) and 260 by the bowl ($5.49).



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