The Cousins Subs Make It Better Foundation has awarded Faith, Hope, & Love Inc. a $2,000 grant to provide children in Racine County, Wisconsin, who are displaced from their home with a duffel bag of personal care and comfort items.

Faith, Hope, & Love focuses on providing support to those who have had to leave their home as a result of neglect, abuse, displacement, or tragedy. Unfortunately, most leave with very few belongings aside from the clothes on their backs. If they do have any items, they are typically transported in a trash bag.

The funds from the Make It Better Foundation will be used to purchase 100 fleece blankets, 100 flashlights, 100 journals/books, and 100 duffel bags to help make the transition a little easier for displaced children.

"We're very grateful to the Make It Better Foundation for this grant," says Heather Lojeski, executive director at Faith, Hope, & Love Inc. “These children are going through a period of uncertainty and change, and if we can provide even the most basic sense of security and comfort, we’ve done our job.”

The grant is funded through Cousins Subs’ Make It Better Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization established in 2013. The Make It Better Foundation aims to improve the general welfare and quality of life in the communities Cousins Subs serves and addresses three areas of interest that are vital to any community: health and wellness, hunger, and youth education. 

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