Birdcall, a contemporary take on a retro chicken restaurant is the third restaurant concept and venture for the group that is lead by chef Jean-Philippe Failyau along with his partner Peter Newlin. The first location opened its doors in August at 800 E. 26th Avenue in Denver. Known by Failyau and Newlin and the staff as smart hospitality, their goal is to revolutionize the way restaurants take care of their guests. Starting immediately, customers witness the birdcall experience by ordering from custom designed kiosks. Built from the ground up, Newlin and his team have developed their very own user-friendly, customer facing, POS system that allows the guest to feel completely immersed in the brand experience from start to finish.

“By eliminating the front of house and replacing it with custom software that delivers 100 percent accuracy to our guests, we are able to focus on providing high-quality ingredients at an affordable price point. We hope our attention to detail alongside incredible food, will set the standard for the future of fast food,” says Newlin, president of Park Burger. 

In addition, hungry customers can order from the custom birdcall app to place orders before they even arrive, avoiding lines and allowing more time spent with friends rather than standing inline to order. All information that needs to be communicated to the customer is sent via email or text with the option to dine in or out. Even the back of the house has a kitchen display and tracking system, making it as efficient as possible.

“As the industry becomes more challenging, the question becomes do you want to decrease quality or increase price? With birdcall, we are going to do the opposite by increasing quality and decreasing our prices. It is about providing sustainable jobs in a way that allows quality and all natural ingredients to be more available at an affordable price,” adds Newlin.

With three kiosks in front of the restaurant, guests will swipe their card to access the interactive menu to select or customize their order through a seamless user-interface. Before they know it, their name will appear on a larger screen in the corner with an exact time their order will be ready and will always come out hot.

From a wide variety of unique all-natural chicken sandwiches, world class salads and milkshakes featuring southern flavors to a breakfast menu including coffee from Denver-based Corvus coffee, birdcall’s menu is home cookin’ with a twist and leave you feeling satisfied. birdcall is the first restaurant to offer a simple beer selection through a kiosk.

Upon a return visit to birdcall, guests swipe their credit card and their name automatically appears with their previous order providing an option to re-order their favorites or to try something new.

Scheme Works is responsible for the modern, clean architectural design of birdcall with custom designed furniture by House Fish, street art and original artwork on the walls from local artists.

Composting as much as possible, birdcall aims to be the leader in green by making their eco-footprint a vital piece of their operations. “Sustainability is a core philosophy of all of our restaurants and birdcall will be no exception. We will be recycling and composting everything possible,” says Newlin.

Two additional locations will come quickly after in the first year with the addition of their first drive-thru location. Birdcall is built around the idea that fast casual doesn’t have to lack exceptional experience.

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