Delmar, part of Cengage Learning and a leading provider of learning solutions for ongoing career development and education, announced the March 2010 release of Modern Food Service Purchasing: Business Essentials to Procurement, a resource guide by award-winning author Robert Garlough of The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan.

Modern Food Service Purchasing is designed specifically to provide culinary and purchasing professionals with current, in-depth coverage of the essential concepts of purchasing, store-room operations, and financial stewardship. This resource provides practical information from experienced professionals on how to set up and manage a foodservice-storeroom operation and examines the fundamental considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing food, such as cost-control measures and mastering the storeroom; measuring and packaging for preservation, sale, and distribution; and security issues with vendors, employees, and customers.

“Whether buying for a small start-up business like a Texas rib shack, procuring products for a giant Las Vegas hotel, or serving as vice president of purchasing for a national restaurant chain, the material contained in this book applies to every reader involved in foodservice purchasing,” Garlough says.

Delivering a chef-focused overview of financial management and the formulas used to control a successful business, the 640 pages of Modern Food Service Purchasing explain in detail how to set up a successful storeroom operation, providing chefs and buyers with a comprehensive reference that will deliver value for years to come. Modern Food Service Purchasing includes information on the four fundamentals of contemporary foodservice purchasing:

•Market and distribution systems

•Storeroom operations

•Cost controls

•Product information

Modern Food Service Purchasing releases at a time when inventories are being managed more critically because profit margins are tighter than ever,” says Jim Gish, senior acquisitions editor for Delmar. “This book—designed for immediate application in the workplace—is the perfect tool to help operators, chefs, food and beverage managers, and purchasing specialists contribute to a healthy bottom line.”

Additional highlights of Modern Food Service Purchasing include:

•The broadest range of product information available, consolidated and cataloged for ease of use, with extensive color photography and complete product descriptions.

•Informative, real-life commentary and insights into purchasing from more than 30 foodservice professionals.

•Appendices offering cost-control formulas, standard measurement conversions, volume-to-weight equivalents and other foodservice industry resources.

•Extensive color photography, useful charts and forms, and a comprehensive glossary of key terms.

•Instructor support materials including an Instructor Resources CD-ROM featuring an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint lecture slides for each core textbook chapter, image library, and a computerized test bank; and an Online Companion that provides additional course content including electronic forms for classroom activities.

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