After Domino’s Pizza’s (NYSE: DPZ) Oven Baked Sandwiches recently beat Subway’s equivalent sandwiches by a 2-to-1 margin in a national taste test, Domino’s received a letter from Subway demanding it cease and desist from running advertising featuring the independently researched claim.

Domino’s has not only refused to pull the work; it has responded by launching a new TV spot featuring Chairman and CEO David A. Brandon playfully burning up Subway’s letter in one of the 450-degree ovens used to bake its victorious sandwiches.

“This is as much fun as a good, old-fashioned school cafeteria food fight,” says Brandon. “We’re flattered that Subway would consider us a threat since we’re still new to the sandwich game — but we also thought the best way to respond to their letter was in an irreverent fashion. I think I did what any red-blooded American always wants to do with a letter from a lawyer: burn it to a crisp.”

The 30-second version of the commercial aired for the first time last night, Jan. 21, during American Idol on Fox.

Brandon agreed to be featured in the ads for the first time in his 21-year history as a corporate CEO and in his 10 years as Domino’s chief.

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