DoorDash is announcing a suite of advertising offerings that will allow restaurants and brands of all sizes, from local merchants to global brands, to reach new customers and grow their business on the DoorDash marketplace. From existing offerings including promotions in the Offers Hub and homepage banners, to new solutions including the launch of Sponsored Listings, there are multiple tools available for brands to get in front of their customers all the way through to the point of sale. 

The centerpiece of these offerings for restaurant partners is DoorDash’s self-serve Sponsored Listings, designed to help local restaurants increase their visibility, generate orders, and find their next customer. The differentiating feature of DoorDash’s Sponsored Listings is that Merchants pay only for orders placed via their ad and not for ad clicks or impressions.

“From day one our goal has been to empower local economies by providing access to opportunity,” says Toby Espinosa, Vice President, DoorDash Ads. “Today we are excited to announce the next step in this journey: a flexible ad platform that allows any brand on main street to reach more consumers and grow their business on DoorDash. Sponsored Listings and our suite of ad solutions will help highlight relevant content to consumers at the point of purchase and in turn help brands flourish.”

Through DoorDash’s advertising solutions and promotional offers, merchants and brands can reach new consumers with great selection, enhance the experience with loyal guests, and provide additional reach and access to their base:

  1. Any brand listed on DoorDash is able to reach millions of consumers with banner placements on the DoorDash marketplace homepage or the Offers Hub homepage.
  2. Restaurant merchants have the opportunity to elevate their business in relevant DoorDash search and cuisine results with Sponsored ListingsWith Sponsored Listings, we are expanding self-serve marketing solutions beyond promotions and helping merchants increase their visibility – and sales – by appearing at the top of relevant search results. With DoorDash Self-Serve Sponsored Listings, merchants only pay for orders placed through their ad and not for ad clicks or impressions. Setting up campaigns via the Merchant Portal is seamless with no prior advertising experience needed. Rolling out now, restaurants can log into the Merchant Portal and navigate to the ‘Grow Your Sales’ tab to create a Sponsored Listing.
  3. CPG brands can also boost placement in relevant categories within the convenience and grocery categories with Featured Listings 
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