The DQ system is firing up new value meals to satisfy every level of hunger just in time for the holiday season.

American Dairy Queen Corporation has launched three new DQ Hungry Up Deals to help consumers satisfy any lever of hunger and turn hangry into happy. Fans can choose from three, four or five piece chicken strips, made with delicious 100 percent all white meat chicken tenderloins, fries and a mini Blizzard Treat for $4, $5 or $6 depending on the meal. The tiered value offerings, plus a Blizzard Treat, is what sets this deal apart from others. Fans can choose any Blizzard Treat, including the fan-favorite OREO Hot Cocoa, the featured Blizzard Treat in November.

To celebrate the Hungry Up Deals, DQ will be looking for the hangriest people on social media during the peak hangry hour. Wednesday at 11 a.m. is the peak day of the week and hour of the day where consumers are the hangriest, according to Netbase, a social media analytics platform. DQ will surprise and delight the Internet’s 100 hangriest people on Wednesdays during the lunch hour throughout November and December, turning their hanger into happy with Hungry Up Deals and DQ gift cards.

“We have all felt that hanger feeling in some shape or form, but we realize it’s different for everyone,” says Maria Hokanson, executive vice president of marketing for ADQ. “Our new Hungry Up Value Deals include three levels that solve your hunger problems whether you’re hungry-ish, hungry or downright hangry. Plus, this new value platform comes with a Blizzard treat, which can make even the hangriest people leave with a smile on their face.”

In December, the DQ Hungry Up Deals will refresh to feature a single, double or triple cheeseburger with fries and a mini Blizzard Treat for $4, $5 or $6 depending on the meal.  Fans can choose any Blizzard Treat, including the fan-favorite Candy Cane Chill, the featured Blizzard Treat in December.

Freebies, rewards and special deals are available through the DQ mobile app to thank fans for their loyalty. Those who download and register for the DQ mobile app will receive an offer for a free small Blizzard Treat, available at participating locations excluding Texas, and Canada.

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