DTT announced a partnership with Ellenby Technologies Inc., a diverse product development and manufacturing company specializing in electronic smart safes. As the leading provider in video surveillance and loss prevention for the hospitality and retail industries, DTT will now be able to provide them with increased security measures for cash handling. 

“We are very happy to have partnered with DTT. The impact they’ve had on the space in such a short time is incredible and they are constantly growing. Like Ellenby Technologies, DTT understands the importance of cash safety in the retail arena, where, oftentimes, operators have to simply trust their employees with cash.  Using an electronic smart safe along with the DTT system, operators can ensure complete accountability in the cash transfer process. The integration between smart safe transactions and video makes a lot of sense; I’m so glad we were able to make this happen,” says Aaron Dobbins, director of new business development for Ellenby Technologies Inc.

“The integration we have in place with Ellenby Technologies is extremely exciting for us. It’s yet another tool that DTT can offer our customers to help them handle their operations as efficiently as possible. With the smart safe integration, the DTT system can capture all safe transactions along with corresponding video footage.  Combined with our SmartAudit tool we will also be able to help customers track cash balances, detect tampering, monitor deposits, and much more,” says Vic Herrera, CTO for DTT.