DTT, the leading provider of video surveillance and managed services for the restaurant and hospitality industries, established a partnership with the U.S. Investigative Security Services Agency (ISS) to offer additional loss prevention services to its client base of more than 27,000. The two companies joined forces in order to provide customers with top quality pre-employment background screening services.

Bob Schurmeier, president of ISS, says, "We are extremely pleased to combine our experience and expertise derived from decades of law enforcement work with that of DTT who we have long regarded as the leader in their field.  Our clients will now have the ability to call upon our joint workforce to address every conceivable security issue that may come their way. From pre-employment screenings to complex internal investigations to complicated video analytics, together, DTT and ISS provide a complete employee screening package."

DTT’s Vice President of loss prevention services, Don Boyle, says, “The partnership with ISS represents our continuing commitment to provide our clients with an unparalleled menu of loss prevention and surveillance solutions. ISS will provide DTT’s clients with extremely competitive pricing, giving even the one location owner access to top-notch pre-employment screening services. These services will help protect our clients by assisting them in making informed hiring decisions and helping to prevent more costly problems post-employment.”

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