DTT Surveillance continues to roll out surveillance technology to Dairy Queen locations across the country. The Dairy Queen franchise community has recognized outstanding value provided by DTT’s technology and loss prevention services. As of this month, DTT has been installed in more than 200 DQ locations nationwide. 

American Dairy Queen (ADQ) and DTT have signed a preferred vendor agreement and, as a result, the relationship between the two companies continues to grow. DTT enjoys a strong reputation within the DQ franchise community as the only endorsed and approved surveillance system. Dairy Queen also serves on the DTT Steering Committee, providing ongoing insight regarding enhancement of the surveillance solution for their brand.

Chris Schwanz, national accounts program manager for ADQ, says, “DTT is dedicated to helping restaurants improve operations and increase profits – a perfect fit for the Dairy Queen system.”

Thomas Moran, executive vice president for DTT, says, “Our partnership with ADQ has been fantastic and this represents a key to our continuing success with the QSR community throughout the United States. As we continue to increase the value proposition for our customers, the Dairy Queen system is among the first of our customers to have the newest products delivered.”

Over the last year, DTT has strengthened relationships with various restaurant concepts, providing complete surveillance management solutions, including advanced point-of-sale integration technology. DTT offers actionable operational information and analytical tools for owners to manage their locations more effectively and profitably. 


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