Customers at home can now liven up their cups with new Dunkin’ Espresso-Style extra dark roast coffee—inspired by the Dunkin’ espresso you get from Dunkin’ shops, but made for your home coffee maker.

You may be wondering, “What exactly is Espresso-Style coffee?” Well, it’s Dunkin’s at-home coffee that is made from a premium blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, specially roasted for a bold flavor you’ll love. Better yet, its full-bodied, deliciously Dunkin’ taste is not only great on its own, but can also stand up to cream, sugar or your favorite flavored syrups. It’s perfect for whipping up just about any homemade espresso-style drink you can imagine. Grab a bag of ground coffee or a box of K-Cup Pods of Dunkin’ Espresso-Style extra dark roast coffee today and enjoy the great taste of Dunkin’ at home.

Consumers can pick up Dunkin’ Espresso-Style extra dark roast coffee at most mass retailers and grocery stores.

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