The Earl of Sandwich, home of “The World’s Greatest Hot Sandwich,” has chosen the Punchh Marketing Automation Platform to engage and reward its loyal customers on mobile devices and acquire new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.

The 24-unit chain selected Punchh for its simplicity of operation and its ability to gather customer purchasing data that allows Earl of Sandwich operators to target market to their clientele with specific, high-value offers and rewards.

The new Punchh-powered “Earl’s Rewards” mobile app will be available via Apple App Store and Google Play soon. Customers can start earning points at six of the stores initially, and chain-wide at a later date.

“As we rapidly expand our brand nationwide, increasing guest loyalty and generating positive word-of-mouth marketing will be keys to our growth,” says Steve Heeley, president and CEO of Earl of Sandwich. “We want to transform our guests into raving fans who spread the word about our brand and refer friends to our restaurants. Punchh allows us to achieve that by engaging guests instantly on their mobile devices and rewarding them for their loyalty.”

Punchh’s patent-pending technology enables Earl of Sandwich to deploy a branded mobile app on its customers’ iOS and Android devices. The app enables customers to accrue loyalty points through the Earl’s Rewards mobile app, and provides Earl of Sandwich an opportunity to engage its customers in real-time.

The POS-integrated punch card tallies customer purchases and displays loyalty points earned on customers’ mobile devices. Customers also can use the Punchh app to share restaurant reviews through social media and earn even more rewards for referring friends to Earl of Sandwich.

A cloud-based application, Punchh allows Earl of Sandwich operators to personalize offers based on customers’ unique preferences and purchases. Because Punchh is POS integrated, Earl of Sandwich can monitor the impact of all its marketing plans whether they’re centered on loyalty, social media marketing, or customer referrals.

“Since the Punchh platform is cloud based, it’s fully scalable across an entire restaurant system, which is important for a rapidly growing company such as Earl of Sandwich,” says Jitendra Gupta, CEO of Punchh. “Its connection to social media channels is perfect for helping spread the word about the chain as it grows outward from the corners of the U.S., and from England and France. We’re genuinely excited to partner with Steve and his team on this venture.” 

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