Edlund Co., a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel equipment for the foodservice and food processing industries, introduced the Titan Series Max-Cut, the all-in-one stainless steel dicer, wedger, corer, and french-fry cutter that replaces all those other products.

The Titan Series Max-Cut can dice, wedge, core, and cut fries in 1⁄4-, 3/8- or 1⁄2-inch sizes. It can cut 6 section or 8 section wedges of potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, limes, and more, as well as core apples. The exclusive, patent-pending design made in the U.S. lets operators move quickly and easily from wall to table mounting with the available quick connect bases. Plus, the quick-change pusher and all stainless steel blade assemblies with protective wash guards feature the largest cutting surface available to make short work of your food prep tasks. The machine is also dishwasher safe, has NSF certification and multiple cutting options