Einstein Bros. Bagels is introducing bagels on another level with their newest menu addition, Bagel Toppers. Served open-faced, Bagel Toppers are injecting some fun into bagels with innovative flavor combinations that are guaranteed to please everyone from the certified chocoholic to the vegetable lover.

Delicious new Einstein Bros. Bagel Toppers come in four distinct flavor profiles to match any personality. Current offerings include the Spicy Devil, a toasted bagel with Jalapeno Salsa shmear, bacon, and sliced jalapeños; Nutty Monkey, which features a toasted bagel with Nutella spread with cocoa, fresh banana slices, and slivered almonds; the Herbivore, a toasted bagel with Garlic & Herb shmear, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh arugula; and the Berry Goodness, a toasted bagel with Strawberry shmear, fresh sliced strawberries, granola, and a drizzle of honey.

"At Einstein Bros. Bagels, we pride ourselves on finding creative ways to give our guests new ways to bagel," says Teka O'Rourke, vice president of marketing. "We created Bagel Toppers to take bagels to another level and offer our guests a new kind of bagel experience that they can only find at Einstein Bros."

Available for just $3.50 ($3.70 in California), Einstein Bros. knows it may be hard for guests to try just one flavor at a time, so bagel lovers can mix and match any two Bagel Topper halves with the flavors they want. It's the perfect solution for the guest who has a hard time deciding between sweet and savory. Now, they can have both.

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