Elevation Burger, the organic better-burger chain, offers two healthier vegetarian and vegan options to those looking for a tasty burger without the meat. 

According to a recent survey produced by the Vegetarian Research Group, 7.3 million Americans are vegetarian and one million are vegan. Elevation Burger keeps the needs of the people in mind, and happily produces food that is better for you and all-inclusive. 

The Veggie Burger #1 is a savory blend of veggies and cheese with a hint of smoke flavor, and The Veggie Burger #2 is a vegan burger made with all organic ingredients. 

In addition to the two veggie burger menu items, Elevation Burger also provides lettuce wraps instead of burger buns, gluten-free fresh fries cooked in heart-healthy 100 percent olive oil, and cookies made with organic butter and eggs. 

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