Elevation Burger, a Northern Virginia–based chain with organic burgers and fries cooked in olive oil, announced that it added another multi-unit franchising deal to New York and also the first franchisee for Connecticut with entrepreneur Daniel Magnus.

Magnus was formerly CEO of Metro New York Inc., the publisher of the flagship U.S. edition of the world’s largest newspaper. Magnus recently signed on to build seven Elevation Burgers in Westchester County, New York, and Fairfield County, Connecticut, and is in the site selection process now.

“Great food that is better for you and better for the environment—what’s not to love? Elevation Burger takes an innovative and unique approach to an American classic and the results are a far superior product,” Magnus says. “Having lived most of my life in Westchester and Fairfield, I am very excited to bring the Elevation concept of healthier, fresh, great-tasting organic burgers to this area and our families.”

“With the addition of Daniel Magnus to the Elevation Burger franchise, I’m very pleased with the way we are penetrating the New York Tri-State market both in New York City and now the surrounding counties,” says Hans Hess, CEO of Elevation Burger. “Elevation Burger continues to grow and I’m very happy with the caliber of franchisee we continue to attract. A sure sign we are doing things right.”

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