Judgment Index USA, a Chattanooga, Tennessee based consulting & marketing company has released its new Employee Engagement Index.


Its Judgment Index (JI) assessment tool is commonly used in employment screening and selection, workforce retention, safety & risk management, wellness implications, and return to work aspects for the impaired, disabled, or “stuck” employees. Another valuable component of JI Platform is the Judgment Coach, a series of streaming coaching videos four to five minutes in length that further drive the development aspect of improving judgment. 


Unlike other Engagement Reports, the Judgment Index Employee Engagement Index measures areas that are deemed the real reasons someone stays or leaves their employment (behavior & attitude toward work), things other assessments don't measure,” states Bill Wilson, CEO.


The purpose of this report is to assess the degree of engagement reflected in a person’s values. Engagement as defined by Judgment Index USA is the emotional attachment an individual feels towards an organization. It is a critical factor in determining the discretionary effort, loyalty, morale, motivation, and ultimate performance of an employee.


By using this report, it is possible to be more highly predictive about a potential employee’s degree of engagement. In addition, by using the report to better understand present employees, it will become clearer how it is possible to develop and improve the potential for higher levels of engagement


The roadblocks experienced by business leaders are common concerns to every industry. 

  •     Turnover / Attrition Rate

  •     Cost of a bad hire / Replacement Cost

  •     Absenteeism

  •     Shrinkage

  •     Safety / Accident Reports

  •     Compliance Related Concerns

  •     Issues Related to “Poor Judgment”


Engaged employees help “shrink” these events, disengaged employees help “create” them.


The Judgment Index Employee Engagement Index (EEI) provides: 

  •     Provides key information about the level of engagement of employees.

  •     Shows what your employees need to do to become more engaged.

  •     Shows if a person has the judgment capacity to meet the demands for effective engagement.

  •     Pinpoints specific aspects of judgment related to the above list of concerns for employees.


High Level Results that we are seeing: 

  •     In general, 31% of employees are Actively Engaged and 19% are Actively Disengaged.

  •     Engaged employees plan to stay for what they give

  •    Disengaged employees stay for what they can get.

  •     Identification of ways you can effectively communicate to your employee audience.


Judgment Index USA also offers specific applications for hiring, retention, risk management & safety, wellness and managing ambivalence & resistance to returning to work for the impaired, disabled or just stuck employees. wwwdotJudgmentindexdotcom

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