Erbert and Gerbert’s welcomed 2015 coming off a year that saw both impressive franchisee growth along with a host of new menu choices and business programs to benefit customers and franchisees alike. With further expansion and a bevy of advertising programs and menu additions planned for 2015, the sandwich shop themed around child’s bedtime stories is continuing to write an uplifting story of its own.

In 2014, Erbert and Gerbert’s added 11 new franchisees. Five Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich shops opened—two in Minnesota, and individual locations in Nebraska, New York, and Arizona—and six college bistro locations were added—three at Indiana University’s campus, and individual bistros in Creighton University, Marquette University, and Southwest Minnesota State University. The year also saw the highest sales for Erbert and Gerbert’s limited time offering menu items, along with the introduction of gourmet soup offerings, including New England clam chowder. In addition, Erbert and Gerbert’s launched two separate geo-targeted four-week digital and mobile advertising programs along with streaming radio platform Pandora.

Looking ahead to 2015, the company aims to add an additional six sandwich shops and 15 new bistro locations, targeting areas of growth in Iowa, North Carolina, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Montana, and North and South Dakota. Spurred by 2014 successes with its limited time offerings and mobile advertising programs, Erbert and Gerbert’s will redouble its efforts in those areas in 2015. Lobster and pastrami sandwiches made with hand-stretched, stone-ground naan flatbread will highlight Erbert and Gerbert’s 2015 limited time offerings. In addition, the sandwich franchise will also add to its successful gourmet soup menu in the fall. Erbert and Gerbert’s will also expand its Pandora and digital advertising programs and will roll out digital menus in all new locations beginning in February.

Erbert and Gerbert’s franchisee expansion and successful menu and advertising additions in 2014 is fueling tremendous momentum for further growth in 2015, says president and CEO Eric Wolfe. “The growth of both our sandwich shops and bistro locations says it all about how appealing the Erbert and Gerbert’s franchise is to franchisees and customers alike,” he says. “With our continued emphasis on expanding our gourmet menu and our digital advertising outreach, we’re committed to making Erbert and Gerbert’s stand out at the top of the class.”

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Growth, News, Sandwiches, Erbert & Gerbert's