Erbert & Gerbert’s, the Midwest-based sandwich shop known for its Out of this World sandwiches and soups that have made millions of people happy for the past 34 years, is bringing back the Bornk Tuna Sandwich on Monday, February 20th. 

When the wildly-popular tuna sandwich was taken off the menu last year many Erbert & Gerbert’s fans were disappointed to see it go. We’ve decided to bring this healthy option back for fans to enjoy! Between delicious bread baked daily, the Bornk is loaded with housemade tuna salad mixed with onions, celery, and mayo, and topped with garden-fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Bornk fans will be thrilled to get their hands on this fan favorite again. Pair it with any of Erbert & Gerbert’s hot and ready soup options for a tasty hearty meal. 

Though this flavorful tuna sandwich won’t have a permanent place on the menu, customers are able to enjoy The Bornk for a limited time only at all Erbert & Gerbert’s locations, beginning Monday, February 20th. 

“The Bornk Tuna Sandwich was a part of the original Erbert & Gerbert’s menu when our brand first started. Customers have been asking for it, and they will be happy that the sandwich is back, even though it’s just for a limited timefor now” – Jacob Kersting, Director of Marketing 

Come into any of the Erbert & Gerbert’s locations today and get Bornked! Customers can also conveniently order online or via mobile app for take-out, in-store, or delivery. Check out all of Erbert & Gerbert’s sandwiches, soups & full menu at 

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