The fork, made popular by Italian nobility, first appeared in the fourth century B.C.  It started with just two prongs, then three, and finally four. 

The fork has really changed the way we eat, especially at Fazoli’s. With a variety of entrées that you can use a fork to dig in to, Fazoli’s is celebrating the fork all this month. 

Monday, November 12, is “Celebrate the Fork Day”at Fazoli’s. Guests can stop by any participating Fazoli’s for a free Pick Your Pasta Entrée with the purchase of another.

Fazoli’s is also celebrating the utensil all month with life-size forks that will be placed in participating cities across the country.

Clues about the location of the fork in each market will be provided on Fazoli’s Facebook page and via Twitter. Guests who spot the fork and post a picture could win free spaghetti for a year. 

The fork will be moving around participating markets now through the end of November.      

Cathy Hull, Fazoli’s chief marketing officer, believes the large forks will definitely draw some attention.

“From kids twirling their spaghetti on Kids Night to couples catching up over great Italian food, the fork is the best way to enjoy Fazoli’s,” Hull says. “I think our guests will have fun trying to find the fork in their city. And what could be better than a year of free spaghetti?”  

This month, Fazoli’s is introducing plenty of new items to put on the fork. They include new lighter-calorie entrees such as Chicken Bruschetta, Baked Chicken Penne & Peppers, Chicken Margherita Oven-Baked Flatbread Pizza, and a new lineup of chopped salads. 

In addition, Fazoli’s has two new samplers, a Spicy Sampler and a Robusto Sampler. It has also created two new oven-baked sandwiches, the Chicken Club Italiano Baked Sandwich and the Roasted Chicken Basil Oven-Baked Sandwich.

Fazoli’s has two ways to customize entrees: a Spice It Up option and a Top It option. 

And while Fazoli’s is all about the fork, it’s introducing two menu options to eat with a spoon, the Chicken Bowtie Soup and the Italian Wedding Soup. 

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