The Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) North American Division officially changed it’s name to Foodservice Consultants Society International – The Americas. The name change was approved by the Board of Trustees and was recently ratified by the FCSI Worldwide Board of Directors at their meeting held in London, England.
The division’s name change has taken place to recognize the growing foodservice consulting field and FCSI membership in Central and South America. “Central and South America are economically vibrant, historically rich and culturally vibrant relative to meeting the needs of their own citizens and tourists from around the world. We are part of a global society; one that demands we think and act globally. Failure to do so will not be in the best interest of our clients or individual practices. The more we reach out to learn about and fully appreciate other cultures, the better we will be as consultants and citizens of the world,” says FCSI – The Americas Chairperson John Cornyn.