Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers' sizzling steakburger patties are double-stacked and smothered in tender, sauteed mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese served on its famous butter-toasted sourdough for Freddy's latest limited-time offer menu. 

The new burger is a classic and goes great in combination with Freddy's Chocolate-Covered Banana Concrete. This treat blends Freddy's premium, frozen custard with ripe bananas and rich crunchy chocolate.

"Come by and try our latest mouth-watering creations on your way to a football game or rehash the first days of school over a satisfying meal with your family," says COO Scott Redler.

"The Sourdough Mushroom Swiss Burger features our signature blend in a mushroom saute combined with melted Swiss cheese and Freddy's famous steakburger patties," he says. "The Chocolate-Covered Banana Concrete is the perfect complement to any great Freddy's meal and features a rich, crunchy, 'dip-style' chocolate."

Both items are available nationwide at any of Freddy's 72 locations. With growing year-over-year sales and highly enthusiastic feedback from guests, this is the third consecutive year that both the Sourdough Mushroom Swiss Burger and the Chocolate-Covered Banana concrete have earned a spot on Freddy's coveted calendar of annual food features.

These LTO items are available through September 26.

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