As “America’s Team”, the Atlanta Braves continue their way to a championship, and Krystal Lovers have double the reason to celebrate. Krystal has partnered with the Atlanta Braves Baseball Organization to offer the “Braves Bundle”: two free Krystals with the purchase of fries to every customer who visits their restaurants the day after a Braves victory.


“It’s hard to top a Braves win, but we think that offering two free Krystals to every Braves fan will help keep the party going,” says Tom Peterson, Krystal’s chief marketing officer. “Krystal’s ‘infield fry rule’ is in play for the Braves Bundle. Just purchase Krystal’s crave-able fries or seasoned new Waffle fries and get two free Krystals, no game ticket needed.”


“Braves baseball and Krystal are two great southern traditions,” says Jim Allen, vice president of corporate partnerships for the Atlanta Braves. “We’re excited to have Krystal as part of our team.”


The Braves Bundle and partnership with the Atlanta Braves is a winning combination for Krystal Lovers. When the Braves walk away with a win, so do Krystal lovers. But like baseball season, the Braves Bundle won’t last forever, so celebrate the Braves’ latest victory and head over to Krystal.

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