U-SWIRL International Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Healthy Fast Food Inc., announced that it has entered into a franchise agreement with Galena Frozen Yogurt Company, which over the next 12 months plans to open three U-SWIRL Frozen Yogurt stores in Reno, Nevada, and at least one U-SWIRL store in northern California.

“Recognizing that there was an extraordinarily high growth opportunity present in the retail delivery of frozen yogurt, our team spent months meticulously investigating the business models of every leading and emerging [frozen yogurt] franchise system,” says Taylor Cohee, managing principal of Galena Frozen Yogurt Company. “Consequently, we are solidly convinced that U-SWIRL International has developed, by far, the most intelligent and profitable model that factors every crucial and practical element of building a successful franchise chain. They intimately understand the competitive market place and have delivered us a turnkey business-building platform that emphasizes superior quality control, unrivaled customer experience, and a highly attractive win-win partnership.”

Galena’s first U-SWIRL grand opening is scheduled for September 2009 in a highly trafficked shopping district located in southern Reno, with the second to follow in northern Reno in the spring of 2010. With a goal of aggressively expanding its chain of U-SWIRL franchise locations over the next five years with concentration in the northwestern U.S., Galena is now actively scouting commercial real estate for new U-SWIRL locations in Reno and its surrounding communities, as well as in Sacramento, California.

“We are very pleased to welcome Galena Frozen Yogurt to U-SWIRL’s expanding franchise community and greatly appreciate and value the tangible enthusiasm and ambitious growth strategy they bring to the U-SWIRL International team,” says Rico Conte, vice president of franchise development at Healthy Fast Food. “Based on the tremendous response we are receiving to the U-SWIRL concept from customers and potential franchise partners, alike, it seems apparent that we will indeed achieve our initial objective of the opening of up to ten U-SWIRL stores before year-end. In fact, given the positive momentum we are enjoying with the roll-out of new stores, we are tracking well ahead of our business plan and believe we are on pace to comfortably exceed our original expansion goals for the year.”